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Employer Must Provide Medical Treatment to Injured Worker Who Moves Out of State
E. Lindsay Blanks

It is not uncommon for an injured worker to need to relocate during the middle of a workers compensation claim. Workers compensation attorneys are often asked to assist the injured worker in obtaining medical treatment after they relocate. For example, I recently had a client relocate to Colorado. The workers’ compensation defense lawyer basically told…

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6 Ways to Protect Your South Carolina Workers’ Comp Benefits
E. Lindsay Blanks

Do you know how to protect your South Carolina workers comp benefits?  South Carolina’s worker’s comp laws provide some pretty important protections for workers who get injured on the job, including compensation for medical costs and lost wages while you’re recovering from your injuries. But those benefits don’t come automatically, and if you don’t take the…

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Workers’ Comp
E. Lindsay Blanks

How Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and workers’ Comp laws relate to each other is a complex area. Repetitive injuries are some of the most common injuries that occur in the workplace, yet often, worker’s compensation insurance companies will try to deny an employee’s claim by alleging that the injury occurred elsewhere and not while the employee…

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Car Wreck on the Job?
E. Lindsay Blanks

Being involved in a car wreck on the job is not unusual. Today, many employees spend at least a part of their work day on the road, either driving a company car for routine travel every day or running the occasional errand to keep the office running smoothly. Whatever the case, if you use an…

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Workers’ Comp Claim Denied?
E. Lindsay Blanks

Workers’ comp claims are sometimes denied. If you’re employed by a business in Charleston or anywhere in South Carolina, the state’s worker’s compensation laws were designed specifically to protect you if you’re injured on the job. In fact, the regulations overseeing South Carolina’s worker’s comp benefits – 19 chapters of them – are long and…

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My mom got into an accident (not at fault) and insurance tried to get away with silly low payout. They trier to scam her into quick settlement but thankfully my mom refused to talk to them, and went to Mr. Blanks...

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The absolute best decision I made. I was hesitant at first to talk with a lawyer but the professionalism was evident from start to finish and I felt very comfortable going thru with it. Very thorough dedicated team with...

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Mr. Blanks’ hard work and endless drive made me confident in what I was doing from day one, and his knowledge of the system ensured that I got everything I asked for with little hassle.

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