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Drug and Product Recalls

  1. The U.S.FDA: The Food and Drug Administration ensures that the medical devices, veterinary drugs, and biological products on the market are safe, efficient, and secure. It protects the public by confirming that cosmetics, food supply, and radiation-emitting products are safe.
  2. MedWatch: A program that collects reports and data from the public and, when suitable, issues safety warnings for FDA-regulated products
  3. Health Square: It’s an excellent starting point for prescription medications
  4. MedicineNet: Started in 1996, MedicineNet.com is a virtual healthcare media-publishing firm. It publishes authoritative, in-depth, and easy-to-read medical content for consumers. MedicineNet boasts of having a website that is robust, interactive, and user-friendly. It has a uniquely experienced and highly accomplished team of trained executives in internet technology, medicine, healthcare, and business to bring the reader the most comprehensive content.
  5. RxList: Founded in 1995 by pharmacists, RxList is a beneficial Internet Drug Index resource. It’s among the best online medical resources devoted to offering current and comprehensive pharmaceutical info on generic and brand drugs.
  6. The Merck Manuals:  Are among the world’s most commonly used health content resources. The Merck Manuals are dedicated to ensuring patients and healthcare workers access the most current medical information on every continent.
  7. US Consumer Product Safety Commission: This agency is responsible for protecting the American public from unreasonable hazards that could otherwise cause death or injury while using consumer products under the organization’s jurisdiction. Property damage, injuries, and death from hazardous consumer products cost the country at least $1 trillion yearly, and the CPSC works to change the situation.
  8. SaferProducts.gov: This is a site that allows consumers to read and file complaints about various goods.

Disability Resources

  1. The Disability Resource Community: The DRC is among the top platforms designed for persons with disabilities, caregivers, and their loved ones to share resources, ask questions, and discuss topics that matter most to them.
  2. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing: The BEP encourages groups that support the visually impaired and the blind to share its materials, include the information it provides into personalized communications or links to its website.
  3. United Cerebral Palsy: It is an invaluable resource for persons with cerebral palsy and other incapacities, their loved ones, and their societies.
  4. Social Security: This body has continued to provide financial protection for Americans for over 80 years. You are most likely to have benefited, or know someone who receives Social Security benefits. The program offers retirement, survivors, and disability benefits and is among the most successful poverty-fighting- programs in US history.

Brain Injury

  1. Brain Injury Association of America: It’s a primary authority on the treatment and medical diagnosis, condition management, medical research, and challenges related to brain injuries. The BIAA has embraced its role as a top influencer of public policy changes and public awareness of brain injuries.
  2. Brain Injury Association of SC: Since 1998, the BIASC has been assisting persons with brain injuries, their families, and caregivers get the help they need.
  3. Center for Outcome Measurement in Brain Injury: COMBI is an online resource for a person who needs support and detailed information on brain injury outcomes.
  4. Centre for Neuro Skills: Founded more than 35 years ago, the Centre for Neuro Skills has made a name for itself as a respected and experienced world leader, offering intensive post-acute brain injury rehabilitation. It provides community-based care.
  5. Medline Plus: This is an online medical content resource for patients, their families, and other loved ones. It’s an NLM service. National Library of Medicine is the most extensive medical library globally, an NIH affiliate (the National Institutes of Health). Medline Plus aims at presenting superior quality and most relevant wellness and health reading materials that are reliable, easy to comprehend, and free of PR, in both Spanish and English.
  6. The Perspectives Network: The TBI.org primarily focuses on fostering positive communication among people grappling with brain injuries, family members, other loved ones, and caregivers. The organization liaises with professionals managing patients with brain injuries and their loved ones to help create public awareness, encourage positive changes, and help people with brain injuries seek professional help.
  7. The Traumatic Brain Injury National Data Center: This is a research institution whose mandate is to conduct various medical researches on multiple parts of traumatic brain injuries.

Legal Resources

  1. Legal Information Institute: This body employs modern technology to collect and process legal information and makes it public. The institute published only legal content that is objective and accurate. Founded in the early 1990s, the LII presently serves at least 40 million visitors to its website annually.
  2. Ravel Law: It’s an online resource that enables one to search a wide-ranging collection of US case law.
  3. US.gov: Search state governments and federal websites
  4. Laws.com: It has a comprehensive collection of legal resources, including state laws, law forms, legislations, and decrees.
  5. Harvard Law School Library: The HLSL contains a selection of free online research resources about US state and federal materials. These materials can help get started with your legal research when one can’t access other databases that are not free. It’s also a great way of getting an overview of any legal research topic before going for other potentially expensive searches.
  6. World Legal Information Institute: The WLII is a search engine with website links to over 15 thousand websites related to legal matters.
  7. Library of Congress: This is the Library of Congress. It provides comprehensive information on Congress-related historical and current and historical issues.
  8. HOLLIS: HOLLIS, a Harvard Library catalog, combs through nearly all the library resources in a single integrated search—containing articles, books, and media.
  9. New York Law School: The NYLS searches a narrow group of law-related websites, legal codes, reviews, and constitutions.
  1. American Association for Justice: AAJ promotes fairness and justice for injured people, protects victims’ rights (mainly the right to a fair trial by jury). It also strives to reinforce the civil justice system’s activities via training, education, and release of information vital to public safety and health.
  2. Medical Law International: MLI is a global peer-reviewed journal seeking to address emerging and new topics in bioethics, health governance, medicinal and medical law, and health sector governance worldwide.
  3. FDA/CDRH: The Center for Devices and Radiological Health is in charge of promoting and protecting the US’s public health.  They work to ensure healthcare providers and patients have continued and timely access to sufficient, safe, and high-quality radiation-emitting and medical devices and products.

Injuries to Children

  1. South Carolina Department of Social Services: The SCDSS works to serve the SC state by supporting the longevity, safety, and well-being of kids and helpless adults, facilitating people to achieve stable lives, and strengthens families.
  2. Prisma Health Children’s Hospital: This institution is SC’s 1st children’s hospital, recording above 150 thousand children’s visits yearly. They provide at least 30 medical sub-fields to meet the unique needs. The Prisma Health Children’s Hospital is the only Children’s Emergency Center in central South Carolina.
  3. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: It’s a reputable institution focusing on researches related to better ways of understanding, managing, and fighting childhood cancer and other deadly diseases.

General Resources

  1. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: The NHTA work to prevent injuries, save lives and decrease economic costs resulting from road traffic accidents through research, education, and enforcement of safety standards.
  2. Columbia Fire Department: It’s the largest firefighting body in SC and serves 0.5 million residents of the City of Columbia.
  3. National Fire Protection Association: Established in 1896, the NFPA is an international self-funded NGO dedicated to reducing property loss, death, injury, and economic loss resulting from fire, electrical hazards.
  4. US Census Bureau: The United States Census Bureau’s mission serves as the country’s t top provider of superior data about the US’s economy and citizens. It operates under Title 13 and Title 26 of the US Code and aims to deliver the best mix of relevancy, timeliness, and quality data, providing essential statistics on almost any aspect.
  5. Supreme Court of the United States: The US Supreme Court is the highest in the land. It decides on cases revolving around constitutional matters and US laws. As an arbiter of the last resort, The Supreme Court ensures any American get fair treatment under the law. It also functions as the protector and interpreter of the US Constitution.
  6. SC Judicial Department: The South Carolina judiciary’s main elements are the defenses and the prosecution components. The SC judicial department is made up of:
    • The Supreme Court;
    • Court of Appeals;
    • Circuit Courts;
      • Family Courts;
      • The Magisterial Courts;
      • Municipal Courts;
      • Probate Courts;
      • Master-in-Equity Courts;

    The constituents of the SC prosecutorial system are the Attorney General’s Office and the circuit attorneys. The defense component comprises public defender corporations, the South Carolina Commission of Appellate Defense, the court-appointed counsel, and the retained counsel.

    1. South Carolina Bar: This body serves its members and the public by advancing the legal profession by offering high-quality education and finding innovative ways of facilitating easy access and the proper administration of justice.
    2. City of Columbia: Learn more about the city here.
    3. Columbia Municipal Court: This legal institution is part of the SC integrated judicial system and functions as the City of Colombia’s judicial system. This Court settles matters revolving around traffic violations, criminality, environmental code violations, and city ordinance violations.

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