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Slip and Fall Victims: Protecting Your Rights is Critical

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere – in the grocery store, an office building, a restaurant – or just while you’re out walking around town. No matter where they occur, they have one thing in common: They can cause injuries that can involve a significant amount of medical care.

Negligence Causes Slip and Fall Accidents

Many of these falls occur not because of your clumsiness, but because of negligence on the part of another person or business. For instance, if a sidewalk is left unrepaired, causing you to trip and fall, is that your fault or is it the fault of the property owner whose responsibility it is to keep it in good repair? If you walk into the grocery store on a rainy day and slip and fall on slippery flooring, is that your fault or is the owner negligent for not making sure the floors are kept clean and dry?

Negligence can take many forms. Wet floors and crooked pavement are a couple of common types of negligent behavior that can result in tremendous injuries and monetary damages. But even a failure to provide adequate lighting can be considered negligent if a darkened stairway or other walkway results in someone missing their footing and falling.

Don’t Pay for Someone Else’s Negligent Behavior

When negligence occurs, someone almost always suffers. In slip and fall accidents, that suffering often means costly medical treatments, physical therapy and other accident-related costs that can add up quickly. Some slip and fall accidents can cause serious head, neck or spinal injuries that can persist for years – even a lifetime.

When an accident occurs because another party failed to act or acted in a way that results in a potentially dangerous situation – for instance, “do-it-yourself-repairs that result in hazards, they may be considered to be negligent, and that means they should pay for any costs you incur related to an accident.

You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney

It would be nice if people and businesses stepped up and took responsibility for their negligent actions, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. That’s why it’s so important for you to hire a slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected.

At E. Lindsay Blanks, we work hard to build strong cases so our clients receive the compensation they need to get their lives back on track after a slip and fall accident.

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If you’ve been the victim of a slip and fall accident, having an experienced attorney representing your needs is critical. The longer you delay in speaking with a slip and fall lawyer, the more difficult it can be to gather eyewitness testimony and other evidence that can help support your claim. We’ve worked with many accident victims just like you, so we know what it takes to develop a strong slip and fall injury case. Call us today at (843) 863-1800 to schedule your free consultation and to learn how we can help you.

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My mom got into an accident (not at fault) and insurance tried to get away with silly low payout. They trier to scam her into quick settlement but thankfully my mom refused to talk to them, and went to Mr. Blanks...

Alex Angely

Mr. Blanks was awesome and got the job done. I would highly recommend him to everyone. Thank you for helping me!!! It was great working with you guys.

Holly Medley

The absolute best decision I made. I was hesitant at first to talk with a lawyer but the professionalism was evident from start to finish and I felt very comfortable going thru with it. Very thorough dedicated team with...

Joshua Smith

Mr. Blanks’ hard work and endless drive made me confident in what I was doing from day one, and his knowledge of the system ensured that I got everything I asked for with little hassle.

Brandy Mapes

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