Workers’ Compensation: Dealing with Insurance Companies

If you’re injured on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits from your employer’s insurance company to cope with the financial burden of recovering. However, since these companies have their own interests and bottom line, workers are often left feeling helpless. Charleston workers’ compensation attorney E. Lindsay Blanks is dedicated to making sure employees harmed due to a work-related injury receive the benefits they are due. Mr. Blanks knows how insurance companies work and can fight on your behalf so that you get the financial support you need to fully heal from your injury. Dealing with an insurance company can be an uphill battle, but Mr. Blanks and his team at E. Lindsay Blanks PA law firm have over three decades of experience in the workers’ comp field. Our firm helps workers across South Carolina. If you’ve need help after being denied workers’ compensation benefits from an insurance company, call our office today at 843-863-1800 or contact us online  to schedule a no-fee consultation.

South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claims

The first step after a workplace injury is to file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer. This needs to be done within 90 days of an accident or injury. After that an employer has ten days within which to notify the insurer. An injured employee must also undergo a medical evaluation by a medical provider of the employer’s choice. At this appointment, it is important to detail the full extent of your injuries. An employer should also file a claim with the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC). However if the employer fails to, an employee also has the right to file with the WCC.

The insurance company will then begin investigating and reviewing the submitted claim. During this review the insurer will also determine whether and how much benefits are due. Upon conclusion of the review, the insurance company will either approve or deny the claim and send a letter detailing its findings. If you are denied benefits, that information can be used to contest the denial. A knowledgeable workers’ comp lawyer in Charleston can help you gather the appropriate evidence to fight an improper denial.

South Carolina workers’ compensation law does not cover all accidents, such as if an injury was not sustained within the expected parameters of your work duties. However, sometimes an insurance company will try to avoid payments of rightful benefits by arguing wrongfully that an accident was outside the scope of employment. As a no-fault state, South Carolina workers are entitled to workers’ compensation even if they are at-fault for causing an accident leading to injury.

Sometimes insurance companies will make benefit offers that are below the amount necessary for an employee to cover the costs of their medical expenses and disability. If you do not get the compensation you need, you have the right to a hearing in front of the WCC, who will review the evidence and make a legal ruling about your benefits. Benefits should cover all related medical costs and care as well as partial wage compensation. Medical care includes doctor and hospital expenses, as well as other bills related to your injury or impairment. A seasoned Charleston workers’ compensation attorney can negotiate with an insurance company to ensure you have a fair and just benefit amount so that you can focus on recovering.

Workers’ Comp Representation in Charleston

Charleston workers’ compensation attorney Lindsay Blanks founded E. Lindsay Blanks PA Law Firm in 1989. Since then, Mr. Blanks has been committed to fighting on behalf of employees injured at work.  As one of the most respected legal practices in South Carolina, our firm has the experience and knowledge to stand up to insurance companies that are denying fair compensation. Mr. Blanks offers comprehensive and compassionate legal representation for workers throughout the state. We assist clients across South Carolina, including North Charleston, Summerville, Goose Creek, Ladson, Hanahan, Moncks Corner, Mt. Pleasant, and Kingstree. If you have questions about your legal rights in a workers’ compensation claim, contact our office today at 843-863-1800 or online to speak with an attorney today.